Abby of Fortis Therapy and Training, Grimsby

Your therapist role:

Trainee Person-Centred Therapist. I am about to qualify with a BA Counselling Studies in June and am very passionate about being able to work with and support people who may be finding life difficult. This degree compliments my previous experience of 15 years working with marginalised young people in schools and drop in centres.


BA Degree in Criminology with Psychology, BA Degree in Counselling Studies, Level 3 in Working with Children and Level 3 in Safeguarding Children and Adults.


Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Likes & Dislikes:

I am passionate about life and enjoying every moment with my three boys, watching them grow up and experiencing life through their eyes. I am passionate about learning as much as I can from life and those around me. My favourite food is chocolate and I will often relax with a good book and maybe a run (if I have eaten too much chocolate). I really dislike being cold so in the winter you may find me with a hot water bottle everywhere I go.