In recent weeks, therapists have been working, thinking, connecting, experimenting, and reflecting on how we can best continue to support our clients. Lots of us have been trying out Zoom, a video platform which hosts meetings. It’s a bit like Skype or Facetime, but more secure because each meeting has an individual code and password.
We’ve discovered that there are plenty of ways to be creative on Zoom and we’ve been meeting up online and swapping ideas. You can draw together – here’s a drawing I did with a friend while we talked about about nurture, support, safety, and responsibility in relation to our work (shared with permission).

Sandplay and Story-telling

Here’s an example of a sand-tray on PowerPoint. I can share this on Zoom and work with a young person to make up a story. Stories are a great way for children to express their fears in an indirect and safe way. Also, images and symbols can be a good starting point for exploring feelings.

Creating stories through imagery

I put together a selection of animal and landscape pictures – choosing one or a few of these can be another way to communicate feelings and might be a starting point for other creative explorations.

What we’re doing as therapists in this time

As therapists, we’ve thought through the difficulties, written plans, agreements and clear instructions so parents and teachers can feel confident that children are safe to share their thoughts and feelings with a trusted therapist they already know. A lot of us have set up therapy spaces in our homes, being mindful to make them inviting and familiar with some of the objects and resources that children will recognise. Here’s mine:

Creative therapists are used to being in the moment, responding to what’s happening right now. In our sessions we listen to clients, not just with our ears, but by paying attention to movement, body language, eye contact, silence and space. This week we’ve been challenged to be more creative than ever in the ways we communicate with clients, while adjusting to a whole new way of working. Zoom is different, it’s not perfect and it’ll take a bit of getting used to, so bear with us. We’re still here for you.

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