This is undoubtedly an extraordinary, unprecedented time. There is a lot of uncertainty and for some, the fear of a situation being out of control can cause anxious thoughts and behaviours. This is why it is so important for Fortis to continue to provide a safe and reliable service to support those who may be struggling. For many, this support will be in the form of therapy.

A reminder, what is therapy?

Therapy provides you with a safe, non-judgemental opportunity to explore the way you’re feeling. This can be in many different forms, from art and play therapy to talking therapies like cognitive behavioural therapy. Each and every therapy can be integrated so that, along with your therapist, you find a method that meets your needs. We are here to help you put coping strategies in place for long-term, sustainable support.

How can therapy help me?

We are seeing that children, young people, and adults are becoming increasingly worried about the growing response to coronavirus, triggering anxiety and acts of obsessive compulsive behaviours. If you have become anxious over:

  • Frenzied updates from the news and on social media
  • Worries about friends and family and those categorised as vulnerable
  • Business, jobs, and financials
  • OCD and a change or lack of usual routines
  • Loneliness during self-isolation
  • Schools, childcare and children’s wellbeing
  • Existing mental health issues and continuing therapy

We are here to help. Support begins with just a phone call to Fortis HQ on 01472 241794, and our team will answer any questions you have.

What precautions do you have in place?

While it is safe to do so, we will continue to provide mental health services with our qualified, professional and compassionate therapists at Fortis’ therapy spaces in Grimsby, Hull, Scunthorpe, and Louth. Each member of our team has been briefed on hygiene routines, regularly washing hands and keeping a suitable distance with no physical contact. Our rooms are cleaned thoroughly and regularly with surfaced wiped with anti-bacterial wipes before and after sessions with each client.

If this changes and for those who are self-isolating, social distancing, or feeling anxious, we are continuing effective support through video calls via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime, or via the telephone.

It is incredibly important that the individual having therapy is comfortable and feels safe in their environment and can continue to access therapy during these changing times.

Do you have any tips or advice in the meantime?

Please do utilise these tools and tips where you can:

  •  Limit the time you spend on reading, watching and listening to the news
  • Use the news to inform what is relevant to you, facts that have a purpose, not speculation
  • Follow updates from trusted, reliable sources, such as Public Health EnglandNHS, and the Government
  • Take advantage of the ‘mute’ features on social media and on WhatsApp
  •   In relation to OCD and handwashing, think about whether handwashing is done to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus, or whether it is done “ritualistically in a specific order until it feels just right”*
  • If you are struggling without your usual routine, create a new one that incorporates variety and purpose in the activities you do
  • Stay connected to friends and family through phone calls, email or social media
  • If you are struggling with negative thoughts, recognise and acknowledge when they happen and realise you can create space between the thought and your response, allowing you to take time and think rationally. Be mindful and take notice of sights, sounds, and smells before returning to the moment.

Get Updated Advice and Support

For information, tips, and activities during Coronavirus, please visit our resources hub, which we are continually updating. Look out for further support on our social media pages; FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Linkedin.

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