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HSE statistics show that anxiety, depression and stress caused the majority of lost workdays. Supporting staff and promoting good mental health in the workplace is vital for not only for employee wellbeing, but also for improving relationships, growing productivity and reducing absenteeism.

Along with our team of qualified, experienced and insured associates, Fortis can provide:

We provide support through confidential talking therapy, creative interventions, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, either at our own independent therapy rooms, at your place of work, or via Skype – the most suitable way to support the individual or groups concerned. Ultimately, we want to improve emotional wellbeing for everyone in the team.

Should a sudden, unexpected critical incident happen in the workplace, such as a threat, serious injury or death of a colleague, staff may feel overwhelmed or anxious, showing signs of traumatic stress. We are here to provide rapid, appropriate support, helping those involved to manage their emotions and coping methods.

We plan and deliver wellbeing weeks, days, or events to support your employees. Ranging from ‘Stress Less’ workshops to mindfulness, self-hypnosis, reflexology and massage workshops – we’ll help to create an exciting, bespoke offer that meets your organisational and employee needs, enabling them to feel relaxed, refreshed, focused and engaged.

It’s our job to ensure that others feel confident when dealing with concerns in their roles. We write and deliver courses, workshops and training packages that are bespoke and tailored to your organisation’s needs, covering a wide variety of areas from managing stress, work-life balance, and effective communication to leadership, managing change and coaching.

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to develop your people. Understanding how people think, why they do what they do, and what motivates them. It’s used to identify skills and practices that can be developed, working together to aid both personal and professional development, to work towards agreed goals and get the best out of people. Find out more.

Reflective Practice allows the team to evaluate what has been happening in their professional and personal lives, learning from experience and developing their practices. Whether in groups or individually, you can think about your role, practices, management styles and responses to challenges, as well as formulate effective ways of working and being. Find out more.

This can help resolve difficult communication issues. Our associates facilitate individual and then group meetings, enabling the conversation in an effective, structured way. The aim is to support staff in those potentially conflictual relationships, reducing stress levels and helping those affected to feel happy and confident moving forward. Find out more.

Experienced supervisors can provide support as you develop your working practices. Whether in groups or individually, you’ll be assisted in managing risk and encouraged to think about the context and system of the organisation that you work within.

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Fortis will support your business’ transition into a Psychologically Informed Environment, implementing a psychology-first framework and developing coaches to enable effective, asset-based ways of working. The aim is to create a safe, supportive environment, considering the problems they face in order to work in a constructive way. Find out more.

Through mental health and emotional wellbeing services, your place of work can become a psychologically informed environment, aware of the of the needs of your team with the support of trained, qualified therapists behind you. By working with Managing Directors, Senior Leadership teams and Board members, we can create a true cultural shift.

All of our services are provided either from our own dedicated space or within your organisation. We’ll discuss this on a case by case basis as it is dependent on how to best support the individuals concerned.

A programme of theory, practice, strategies, coaching skills, and personal development.

Tribe is a package of support and training to encourage a whole organisational wellbeing approach. It is a systemic, flexible programme that has been designed to engage and support individuals and teams using interventions, coaching, and training.

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Service Level Agreements & Retainers

We make it a priority to offer a cost-effective and responsive service when you have identified support that is required quickly (for example, difficult team dynamics, a member of staff who is struggling, a training need due to organisational changes etc). For continuing support, we are able to offer retainers or Service Level Agreements (SLA). These are agreed between Fortis and your business, confirming the different aspects of service you would like and how this is delivered. The SLA identifies the time scale of the agreement, identified link workers, details of the service being provided and costings.

What a difference a year makes. From early 2018 we have been working with Fortis on the cultural aspects of the Stallingborough site using the TRIBE approach to help us develop one site team. We initially started the process with group sessions with the Management team to identify the cultural aspects and difficulties on the site, and then had training which fitted with what we needed. To support the process, we followed the group work and training with one-to-one coaching sessions, which allowed the teams to feel comfortable and supported with the new approach, and has aided their development. It has also meant their personal, as well as professional concerns, could be discussed and worked through. We are now rolling TRIBE further into the organisation and have already seen a positive impact. We can feel a cultural shift and the knock-on effect on our production and quality. Overall after a year with the guidance and support from Fortis we have made great progress towards creating a new positive, open and progressive culture on site.

Eric NormanSite Manager, Synthomer

In relation to the service that Fortis Therapy provides both of our organisations, I can say without reservation we have had 100% positive feedback from the members we have sent for assistance. The speed of the first assessment meeting, the risk assessment, and follow up appointments are all arranged and always fulfilled. When we have members of either organisation referred to us for assistance, we have no hesitation in contacting Fortis as a working partner. They really are important in helping members deal with any issue. This can run alongside legal assistance or insurance matters, and is a core resource for our organisations. For example, whilst dealing with a member’s death within a group insurance life claim, we can also offer bereavement counselling to any children within the household. This perfectly complements an all-round service we hope to provide. I am aware that at least two members have been sent with extreme personal safety issues and due to the intervention of the Fortis Team, they are still with us and out of danger now. There can be no higher praise than that. They also have assisted in members who are off sick with trauma, either personal or professional. Utilising the Fortis expertise means that the members, all of whom are public servants, can return to work much quicker and safer, and can manage themselves correctly. They have a variety of specialists and there is no subject matter I would hesitate to contact them about. The coaching and professional management skills training has reorganised bad working patterns and made many managers more efficient and realign the true work-life balance to achieve real successful careers with personal wellbeing. This leads to sustainability and longevity. This has practically helped in the mental health of those sent for direct assistance, and Fortis have trained our representatives in identifying issues whilst interacting with members. The ease of use from an administrative angle and the approachability of the staff and friendliness help in the smooth running of the business side. This partnership has made our organisations far more efficient and effective, and offer professional practical help when the members most need it.

Chair of Humberside Police Welfare and Benevolent Fund, Deputy Secretary of Humberside Police Federation

I have been working with Fortis for the past 6 months to deliver bespoke wellbeing training to over 200 police officers and staff who work in some of the most stressful and challenging specialist crime roles in policing. I found the service and support from Fortis to be excellent. They conducted scoping work to understand our training needs and formulated a package that helps staff identify stress and mental health factors, and ways to help overcome or manage these factors. The cultural environment of policing is one where to ask for help or identify a perceived weakness doesn’t readily happen. The training Fortis continues to deliver is helping to overcome these cultural barriers and help individuals own resilience in seeking help and support. The feedback from the training has been excellent with the training and trainer being rated as excellent, and has been reported to be ‘thought-provoking, interesting and life-changing’. Many staff commenting on how much they have taken from the inputs and that the material delivered has been both helpful and insightful, and delivered in a professional and engaging manner. We plan to continue to work with Fortis in the future to engage with our senior leadership team and explore additional training options as we work towards placing our wellbeing agenda at the forefront of how we look after and support our staff, who are routinely engaged in often harrowing and deeply distressing police investigations.

Pete ThorpDCI Protecting Vulnerable People Teams, Humberside Police

Mental health in the workplace enquiries

To discuss any concerns you may have, or for more information about therapy, mediation, coaching, training, clinical supervision or reflective practice within your organisation, give us a call on 01472 241794 or email [email protected]

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