Working together to create a happier, well-communicated team

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to develop your understanding of how people think, why they do what they do and what motivates them. It’s used to identify skills and practices that perhaps require some improvement, working together to aid both personal and professional development and ultimately, get the best out of people.

For example, you may want to:

  • Encourage creativity
  • Enhance communication
  • Manage problems
  • Challenge and critique
  • Build commitment
  • Understand challenging behaviours
  • Process information
  • Respond to change
  • Deal with stress
  • Support in moving forward
  • Achieve a vision
  • Maintain positive change in the long-term

With the help of a professional Coach, a true cultural shift can happen.

Who is coaching for?

Helping others succeed

Coaching is not just for those in leadership or management positions who may be responsible for teams of people. It’s for mentors, teachers, trainers, employees – anyone who works closely with individuals and wants to help them succeed.

Fortis Therapy & Training has developed a thorough approach to coaching, working with executives, management and staff members within businesses, schools and organisations. This is to ensure that every person is confident in their role, creative in their thinking, and knows the actions to take in order to be successful in their plans.

What happens during coaching?

Forward thinking collaboration

A qualified, experienced coach from the Fortis Therapy & Training team will meet with individuals on a fortnightly or monthly basis, setting long-term objectives and working towards achieving them in a sustainable way. This will be done through various models and practices, including cognitive approaches, direction, reflection, self-awareness and problem-solving. The number of sessions you have may depend on the needs of the organisation and your end goal, which will be discussed early on in the process.

By working with the whole team, we can achieve a workplace culture that is well balanced, considerate and forward-thinking. Communication will improve, challenges can be handled in a more effective way and overall, you will experience a better, happier performance.

Mental health in the workplace enquiries

To discuss any concerns you may have, or for more information about therapy, mediation, coaching, training, clinical supervision or reflective practice within your organisation, give us a call on 01472 241794 or email [email protected]

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