In the third instalment of our new series of blog posts, designed to give a voice to real men suffering with mental health problems, for this client it was grief which finally gave him a push to seek help.

“Therapy…really? You mean, talk to a stranger about your feelings? Absolutely you should take that leap. For me when my son died in 2010 l thought l could deal with it myself, I’m a bloke after all and we don’t need to discuss feelings and our deepest, innermost thoughts.

“I came across therapy completely by accident, but l was really pleased that I did take that tentative first step. You’ll find it’s the first part that’s the hardest…asking. Knowing you could do with that intervention but not quite being able to ask for the help, similar to going to the doctors.

“Once l’d asked, l never looked back. You build a rapport and relationship with your therapist in a trusting, confidential environment and go from there.

“It is so important to try and open up because you end up with layers and layers on top of what your issue actually is and the more layers, the more unpicking it takes. I buried it for 7-8 years… please don’t wait, help is there.

“I’ve learnt, with help, how to deal with the grief, the associated problems that accompanies it but more importantly to incorporate meaningful coping strategies to help me move on.

At Fortis we know that getting in touch can be literally the hardest step, so we make the process of asking for help and support to be as approachable and as easy as possible. We then make sure that we match you to the right therapist for you, so you are on the path for the most helpful and effective experience possible. Having protected, confidential time with someone you can trust, where you can speak about feelings and experiences you feel you can’t talk to anyone else about (and verbalising what is going on in your head!) really helps.

Therapy works because of the trust and honesty you build in the relationship, feeling safe, not being judged and working together on your beliefs and thinking and feeling differently. It is a life changing and sometimes life-saving (both literally and metaphorically) process.

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