In the fourth instalment of our new blog series, designed to give a voice to real men suffering with mental health problems, this client talks of how therapy – an entirely new experience for him – has helped. In particular, how the right therapist has made huge a difference.

“Going to counselling was a big leap for me, I had never been to any type of counselling or therapy before Fortis. Going to weekly counselling sessions has helped me with bereavement and depression.

“I highly recommend seeing a therapist at Fortis as it has helped me become an all-round happier and better person. It doesn’t seem like much but having an hour a week to talk only about yourself in a completely anonymous environment helps and it’s really helped me in day-to-day life.

“Sometimes you don’t even have to talk about mental health as much as you might think and you could talk about your hobbies and what you enjoy for an hour and it is great that you can talk about whatever you like.

“I highly recommend Fortis as it has, and continues to help me get through bereavement and carry on with a regular life again. It was hard as a man having to express my emotions and feelings but the more I got to know my therapist, the easier it got. I couldn’t recommend therapy more.

Asking for help can feel like an impossible and risky thing to do, and admitting to ourselves that we aren’t coping or don’t feel happy with how we feel about our life can be really hard to say out loud, especially for men, who can have strong messages about ‘manning up’ ‘being the provider’, ‘being the protector’ and so on.

At Fortis we know that getting in touch can be literally the hardest step, so we make the process of asking for help and support to be as approachable and as easy as possible. We then make sure that we match you to the right therapist for you, so you are on the path for the most helpful and effective experience possible. Having protected, confidential time with someone you can trust, where you can speak about feelings and experiences you feel you can’t talk to anyone else about (and verbalising what is going on in your head!) really helps.

Therapy works because of the trust and honesty you build in the relationship, feeling safe, not being judged and working together on your beliefs and thinking and feeling differently. It is a life changing and sometimes life-saving (both literally and metaphorically) process.

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