Resolve difficult conflicts within the workplace

Workplaces can be particularly stressful, and the relationships you have with colleagues play a big part in your day-to-day life. Sometimes, these dynamics breakdown and situations between co-workers can become untenable. Not only does this affect productivity and the working environment, but it can have a real impact on the employee’s own wellbeing.

When this happens, a mediation service can help resolve difficult communication issues. Our independent, fully-trained Associates facilitate a meeting between the parties involved, enabling the conversation in an effective, structured way. The aim is to support staff in those potentially conflictual relationships, reducing stress levels and enabling those affected to feel happy and confident in moving forward.

Mediation can take place in your workplace or at our own dedicated offices, should you prefer a private space away from your typical environment. And, we’re also able to deliver sessions either within or outside-of working hours. It all depends on what will work best for your team.

Mental health in the workplace enquiries

To discuss any concerns you may have, or for more information about therapy, mediation, coaching, training, clinical supervision or reflective practice within your organisation, give us a call on 01472 241794 or email [email protected]

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