Your therapist role:

I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist, who is qualified to work with any age group 4+in a variety of different settings. I am passionate about creating a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment where people can be themselves and we can work to enable change and growth.

I am trained in Dyadic therapy, which is a therapy designed to help a parent/caregiver and a child navigate emotional difficulties or trauma. I am also qualified in Lego-based therapy, which is using Lego to work with children and adults who have Autism and other learning difficulties to help promote communication, social skills and also how to work within a team.

I have over 10 years of counselling experience working with adults in many different situations from trauma to low self-esteem. I also hold qualifications in mindfulness and clinical supervision, which means that I supervise other professionals to ensure that they are working in a safe and ethical manner.


Master Art Psychotherapist and P.G.C.E.


Health Care Professionals Council, and the British Association of Art Therapists.

Likes & Dislikes:

I am always looking for new therapies and new ways of working with people because I am passionate about providing a service that can help any individual who needs support. To de-stress, I can often be found knocking down walls in my house and when the mess and noise get too much, I then take refuge in my local cake or pie shop.