The penultimate week of the holidays…

We’re certain a whole rainbow of emotions has shone through this summer and so this week we’re talking all about ‘FEELINGS’ – how to embrace them, acknowledge them, and grow with them.

‘‘Positive feelings come from being honest about yourself and accepting your personality, and physical characteristics, warts and all’ – Willard Scott

To understand our feelings better, you can look at them through different ‘zones’ – the Comfort Zone, Fear Zone, Learning Zone, Growth Zone. Think of them being on a sliding scale from left to right.

The Comfort Zone is where we feel safe and in control. The Fear Zone is where you’ll find certain familiar demons, such as lack of self-confidence, being affected by other people’s opinions and finding excuses. The Learning Zone is where we deal with challenges and problems, acquire new skills, and extend past your comfort zone. And, in The Growth Zone, we find purpose, live our dreams, set new goals, and conquer objectives.

It is The Fear Zone that can lead us into problems – stopping us from leaving the Comfort Zone and preventing us from moving into the Learning Zone. It is more than likely that you will recognise some of the things lingering in your Fear Zone. It is really important you give yourself time to acknowledge these feelings and allow yourself to move between the zones. Be compassionate to yourself and your children will learn to do this if you do too.

Why not fill in the below and find out what’s holding you back?

The Comfort Zone – what makes you feel safe and comfortable?
The Fear Zone – what do you feel hinders you or holds you back?
The Learning Zone – what will help you to move past the things listed in your fear zone?
The Growth Zone – list your goals and dreams

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