Presenting, The Take-Care Takeovers

New year new you? Not in our book. 2021 threw a great many hurdles up, things to test us and push us to our limits. However, not all of those things were negatives. Last year did have, some, good takeovers.

There has been a shake-up. Some of you have found comfort in new routines, ways of working and being more flexible. Resisting returning to that previous ‘normal’ because, on reflection, normal didn’t actually work that well.

There have been new start-up businesses, with entrepreneurs, who have previously been intrapreneurs working as an employee, taking the plunge to see if they can make their aspirations come to life. The business communities have pulled together to support each other in growing their businesses and supporting the local economies.

The words ‘self-care’ have become synonymous with mental health and emotional wellbeing. With more and more people focusing on what they are doing to look after themselves. How they are meeting their own self-care. And asking, ‘who can help’, when they’re struggling to take-care.

Last January we launched The Self-Care Sessions, to help generate conversations around the topic of self-care, one that even a year ago people weren’t giving the time it needed. This January we are launching The Take-Care Takeovers presented by Friends of Fortis.

For six weeks we will be hosting take-overs on our social media channels’ stories feature, so our guests can give you guys more of an insight into how others handle their day-to-day stresses, wellbeing and how they are starting their new year off.

From January 10th, on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each guest will take to Stories three times a day to give you an insight. Each week will culminate on Thursday evening (times TBC) with a Live between each week’s Takeover host and our managing director, Alexis Powell-Howard.

So, who’s on when? Well…

  • W/C January 10th – Fortis Therapists and Alexis
  • W/C January 17th – Toni and Vince Weavers, founder of Ebb and Flo Living
  • W/C January 24th – The Royal Horticultural Society’s, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing manager, Glen
  • W/C January 31st – Nufi Silas, owner of Nuf’s Kitchen, personal trainer, online coach and Pure Elite Pro
  • W/C February 7th – Bottomley Distillers Ltd co-founder Amy Conyard and team
  • W/C February 14th – Detective Superintendent at South Yorkshire Police, Peter Thorp

With possibly another special guest W/C February 21st.

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